Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference

Animal Ecology In Focus

A few weeks ago, Dr Lauren White from the University of Minnesota told us about the intersection of wildlife conservation, disease and human health for Endangered Species Day. Now she is back to give us a recap of the Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Disease Conference recently held in Glasgow – including some pretty nifty conference events complete with a Scottish flair!

This year, the 16th Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference (EEID) took place from May 29th to June 1st 2018 at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. I have attended the EEID conference annually for the past four years as a Ph.D. student. As a disease ecologist, I have found it to be both my favorite and the most relevant conference for my research interests. Its single session format makes for a shared experience among conference participants and great science discussions. Poster sessions are interactive and well…

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