An Introduction to Disease Modeling: Understanding COVID-19 Means Understanding Disease Modeling

As the coronavirus continues to ravage much of the world, government leaders, scientific agencies, and healthcare providers often say that they’re using disease models to inform their decisions and courses of action for fighting the virus. But, what are disease models? How are they developed? And what kinds of things can they tell us? 

SESYNC postdoc Lauren White tries to answer some of these questions in the presentation below with a brief overview of disease models. Here, she explains the methodology behind infectious disease modeling and how scientists can use it to predict things like the rate of disease spread and the number of individuals who might become infected. In this talk, she aims to help us increase our understanding of disease modeling, so we can better understand the true potential impacts of COVID-19.

Dr. White is a quantitative disease ecologist and infectious disease researcher. Her research program focuses on One Health—the intersection of the environment, animal health, and human health. At SESYNC, she is researching how human changes to landscapes can affect the movement behavior of pumas and cougars, leading to disease transmission. 

Watch below to learn more.

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